Solve the following addition and subtraction problems. a. 90 cg 95 mg + 7g 12 cg 18 mg b. 4 kg 2hg + 14 kg + 5 kg 17 hg c. 12 dag 5 g – 7 g d. 8 kg – 9 hg

Accepted Solution

Hello!The answers are:a. 8,133mgb. 24.9kgc. 108gd. 7.1 kgWhy?First, we need to convert all the units for each option, in order to be able to do the addition and substractions, so:For a.[tex]1cg=10mg\\1g=1000mg[/tex]So,[tex]90cg*\frac{10mg}{1cg}+95mg+7g*\frac{1000mg}{1g}+12cg*\frac{10mg}{1cg}+18mg=900mg+95mg+7000mg+120mg+18mg=8133mg[/tex]For b.[tex]1hg=0.1kg[/tex]So,[tex]4kg+2hg*\frac{0.1kg}{1hg}+14kg+5kg+17hg*\frac{0.1kg}{1hg}=4kg+0.2kg+14kg+5kg+1.7kg=24.9kg[/tex]For c.[tex]1dag=10g[/tex]Let's assume the missing signs as negative signsso,[tex]12dag*\frac{10g}{1dag}-5g-7g=120g-5g-7g=108g[/tex]For d.[tex]1hg=0.1kg[/tex]Let's assume the missing signs as negative signsSo,[tex]8kg-9hg*\frac{0.1kg}{1hg}=8kg-0.9kg=7.1kg[/tex]Have a nice day!