HELP! ONLY IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER also this goes with the other question I asked Write the standard equation of the conic section you chose with its center or vertex at the origin. Describe the graph.

Accepted Solution

Answer:AttachedStep-by-step explanation:The conic section you can chose is a parabolaA parabola is a curve where any point on the curve is equidistant from the focus and from a directrixWhen you have the vertex and focus points, you can write the equation of the parabola then graph it on a graph tool to visualize the curve.Assume the vertex is at (3,1) and focus is at (3,5), then you notice here the x-coordinate for vertex and focus is the same , to mean one is top of the other.This is a regular vertical parabola the x part is squared. Vertex and focus are 4 units apart. This is by checking the difference in values of y-axis of vertex and focus.This is your pThe equation of the parabola will be(x-h)²=4p(y-k)but p=4 (x-3)²=4(4)(y-1)(x-3)²=16(y-1)x²-6x+9=16y-16x²-6x-16y+25=0-----------------equation of the parabolaIt is a right-side up parabola