Hayato watches a piece of gum Stuck to a clown’s bicycle tire as a steadily rotates, making 40 revolutions per minute. He started watching the game when it was at its highest point off the ground the diameter of the tire is 30 inches. Hayato Will make a graph that shows the gums height as a function of time in seconds. Which statements about hayato’s will be true choose exactly 2 answers that are correct.-The minimum value will be -30-The minimum value will be -15-The minimum value will be zero-The maximum value will be 15-The maximum value will be 30

Accepted Solution

Answer to your Question:- The Minimum Value will be 0and- The Maximum Value will be 30Other Answers to This Quiz Include:"What will be the y-intercept in Hayato's Graph"Answer: 30"How will he label the first four tick marks on the X-Axis?"Answer: 0.375, 0.75, 1.125, 1.5"Which Graph is the first cycle of Hayato's Graph?"Answer: Picture Below."At Which Time could the clown have dropped the bowling Pins?"Answer: 3.75 s